Marrakech Cultural Tour: Monuments & Souks

Organizing a successful city tour during your vacation in Marrakech is a privilege to make the most of your stay in this extremely charming city and to make your trip more enjoyable.

Marrakech is known for its admirable gourmet restaurants, authentic historic monuments, beautiful gardens and of course, its legendary old Medina classified as the largest and most stunning Medina in Morocco, especially with its famous Souks of Moroccan handicrafts.

To help you plan your next holidays in Marrakech, we’ve designed a great selection of city tours categorised by themes (Monuments, Gardens, Gastronomy, Souks…)

Each city tour in Marrakech can be organized by your own arrangements or you can hire a tour guide to get an outstanding travel experience.

Before inviting you to explore our exclusive selection of city tours in Marrakech, we would like to introduce the main attractions of this ochre city: the historic monuments and the Medina Souks.

The Historical Monuments of Marrakech

Marrakech’s history goes back centuries, that’s why the city has a huge cultural and historical heritage.

Throughout the ages, the City of the Seven Saints has witnessed the succession of the greatest dynasties in the Arab-Muslim world: Almohads, Almoravids, E Idrissids, the Merinids, Saadians and the Alawites.

Almost every dynasty has left several monuments and art works with a fascinating Oriental architecture that bear witness to the strong presence of these great civilizations in history.

To make your city tour more exceptional, you can choose among various itineraries and programs available onsite, we can recommend a full-day tour to allow you enjoy exploring the wonders of these extraordinary dynasties and learn more about their culture and savoir-vivre.

You can start by visiting the city’s great mosque ‘La Koutoubia’, then cross the famous Jamaa El Fna square for a short escape through the small alleys of the old Medina, then you can visit the Medrasa Ben Youssef, the Almoravid dome before heading to the majestic Palais Bahia, considered as one of the most important historical attractions in the city.

Pass through the old quarter of Riad Zitoune Lakdim, to get to ‘Place des Ferblantiers’, then to the famous district of Moroccan Sultans ‘La Kasbah’ where you can enjoy a short visit to the Saadian Tombs.

The Souks amazing Souks of the Medina

You can’t visit Marrakech without taking home a souvenir of this great travel experience, in that case, there’s nothing better than buying handmade babouches, a teapot, colorful glasses and a good copper tray, or even some stylish Berber Rugs to decorate your own home or office.

The Souks of Marrakech are a completely different world, full of designs, colors and flavors that you can rarely see or find elsewhere.

A professional tour guide will be able to introduce you the rich concepts of Moroccan handicrafts, the traditional hand-making processes of each object, and can show you the different workshops and fondouks of the Medina, before guiding you to the best boutiques and most recommended addresses for good shopping, and he can even negotiate some good prices for you.

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